Before big data, marketing was traditional mass marketing. Personalization and customer experience were not central to the goals in marketing. Now, big data has enabled a new paradigm in customer intelligence and analytics by no longer making assumptions about who a customer is (i.e., interests, desires, needs, etc.) but instead being able to understand what the customer actually does. By leveraging the data generated by customers, the ability to generate insights around what actions they take on their journey, along with their intent, becomes a reality.

By utilizing the correct big data platforms and technologies, analyzing a store of data to gain insights becomes possible. Due to big data having such large volumes and variety, often times businesses are able to uncover insights that were previously impossible to see.

For example, when big data is used properly, it promotes the ecommerce revolution by allowing an organization to target their customers with the right product at the right time. With an alarming increase in the number of in-store shoppers turning into online shoppers, big data can help you visualize and understand the behaviors and needs of your customers. These behaviors and needs can be analyzed through different channels, like social media apps. From there, you can spot ongoing trends that customize the user experience and lead to better decision-making within your business.

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